Optical Amplifier

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Mini EDFA series

Mini EDFA features high performance in a small package and low power consumption by using small components and low bending radius optical fiber.  Package size is typically half of an MSA EDFA down to 35*12*5.5mm or assembled as thin tray products. Main use cases are single wavelength amplifications with typical output power values around 10dBm. Mini EDFA are mainly used in Metro Networks, Line interfaces and DCO coherent modules.  

Pluggable EDFA

The pluggable amplifier can be designed in XFP, QSFP, OSFP, CFP2 and other package sizes. The usage is similar to an optical transceiver supporting hot-pluggability with the same interface protocol. Applications can be single- or multi – channel amplification or Variable Gain Amplifier. The output power of single channel amplifier can be around 10dBm. The gain of a multi-channel VGA gain can be adjusted typ. 10dB, and the power can be above 20dBm. This kind of amplifier are mainly used in OTN, PTN and other compact equipment to save space,  development and maintenance costs.  

High power amplifier

To achieve high power amplification these high power multi-mode amplifier are mainly using multi-mode pumps and erbium and ytterbium co-doped fiber. The Output power can reach more than 30dBm and can be split up into multi outputs and integrate xPON channels. They mainly used in PON Access Networks or for dedicated CATV spectral amplification.  

Passive module

Passive modules mainly have integrated passives functions like Mux/Demux, optical switching or signal splitting or OTDR functionality. These modules can be used in optical monitoring, optical protection, OXC and other systems.