Taclink takes the lead in showcasing 11W 800G OSFP DR8

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After a two-year hiatus, CIOE 2023 was successfully held, setting new records in terms of the number of exhibitors and attendees. However, it seems challenging to discover new products on the exhibition floor. Yet, at Taclink's booth, we learned about their 800G OSFP DR8, which boasts a power consumption of only 11W. We had the opportunity to interview Mr. Huang Qing, General Manager of the Optical Transceiver Division at Taclink to understand their progress in the high-speed optical Transceiver field.

Mr. Huang stated that at this year's CIOE, Taclink showcased a range of optical modules, optical amplifiers, and subsystem products, providing more comprehensive product solutions for applications such as data centers/AI, telecom operators, and equipment manufacturers.

The highlight of the exhibition was the industry-leading 800G OSFP DR8 with ultra-low power consumption. This module has a typical power consumption of only 11W. By leveraging a 5nm DSP chip and a thin-film lithium niobate (TFLN) modulator, it achieves a perfect balance between low power consumption and high performance. Taclink will also gradually release other cutting-edge high-speed optical transceiver products based on the TFLN solution, offering customers an ideal high-bandwidth, low-power optical transceiver solution.

Another product that caught the attention of customers was the 400G CFP2 DCO coherent, which supports transmission up to 80 km and can achieve 300km transmission when combined with an optical amplifier. It is primarily used in metropolitan area networks and long-haul backbone line, supporting OIF 400ZR, Open ZR+, and Open ROADM standard protocols, as well as interoperability between different manufacturers. Taclink also demonstrated a transmission test of the 400G CFP2 DCO over a 240km optical fiber.

Mr. Huang emphasized that Taclink will continue to accelerate the research and development of high-speed optical transceiver, providing global optical communication customers with more comprehensive optical module and transmission solutions.