Dekeli's 20th Anniversary Celebration and New Year's Party Concluded Successfully

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 On January 10, 2020, "Dekeli's 20th Anniversary Celebration and New Year's Party" was held in Wuxi. Invited leaders and guests gathered with more than 400 cadres and employees to celebrate the New Year's reunion and happiness night. Talented men and beauties from various departments came on stage to sing and perform, sharing the fruitful achievements of Dekeli's 20-year development!



Happy New Year, happiness comes! Next, let's walk into the company's annual meeting to explore the grand occasion!






Mr. Qu delivered a New Year speech▲




 Mr. Gui and Mr. Qu presented awards to the outstanding managers of the year and took a group photo▲





Various departments brought wonderful performances▲



Mr. Gui, Mr. Qu and all the leaders gave you a New Year's toast▲


After 20 years of ups and downs, 20 years of hard work and forge ahead, the development of Dekeli is changing with each passing day. Dekeli people will not forget their original aspirations, keep their mission in mind, concentrate their efforts, and create greater glories!

       Our "Time" train is about to depart

Next stop, 2020

Happy new year to all

All the best, happy family!

2020, let us forge ahead hand in hand


Create a better new blueprint!